Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sytlish and sexy looking wood furniture

When it comes to new ideas from today's modern and creative professionals for creating new furniture designs, every new design never seizes to amaze lots of people especially furniture masterpiece collectors. For this post, were talking about stylish and sexy looking furniture made in wood. Looking at a nice body of a woman is good enough and what better way to appreciate sexy curves than to have your very own sexy wood furniture. By the time you got your hands on these wooden masterpiece, make sure to get the best furniture storage WA or Perth area because you don't want any damages on those sexy curves (Literally sexy curves made of wood).

Here are some masterpiece from the masters of furniture design;

designed by: Peter Rolfe

 designed by: Mario Philippona

I think they're nice and would definitely look good with any furniture in most house today. Here in Au, I have at least 3 furniture that I bought on some random shop that has design like the body of animal and it would sure look great with these sexy wooded marvels. 

What do you have to say to these stylish and sexy wooded masterpiece? Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How to move that big, heavy and darn furniture

In most places in Australia especially in Perth area, every household has at least one thing that's hard to move. It could be a really big sofa or a heavy wooden table, furniture that won’t fit through the door and windows and the whole 9 yards so to speak… But yes, most of the time it is your very own sofa.
The catch is how someone can move it or with a help from somebody to move that big and heavy sofa in your house or to your new house. For sure a trusted furniture removal in Perth can offer a lot of help but what if you and your buddies are the only ones left to do the job. Let’s make this quick and easy to save you some $ when you lose your cool or before you hurt yourself trying to move the darn sofa that’s big and heavy and all the things that can makes it hard to move.

There are two lengths that are most important: the sofa width and the height of the sofa's back (the back of the sofa when you're sitting down - measure from floor to top of back). Let's start there.

Measure the dimensions of the sofa: height, width and length. If the sofa legs can be removed, it's best to remove them first. If they cannot be removed, then you need to measure the height with the legs attached, from the floor to the top of the sofa's back.
Measure the dimensions of the opening, whether it's a door or stairwell or elevator door.
If the sofa's back height is longer than the door's width, then the sofa's width will need to be narrower than the door's width.
For example, a door's width is 40" and the sofa's width is 43" and the sofa back height is 38". This means you can turn the sofa so that the sofa's back is facing the ceiling.
The sofa should slide through as long as the inside space will accommodate it (hallway or foyer).
If both the width and the back height is too long for the width of the door, then you need to consider the sofa's length. Measure the length of the sofa and the height of the door opening. The sofa's length will need to be shorter than the door's height.
Also check the entrance way to see how much room you have to maneuver - there should be at least a foot or more of space on either side of the doorway in order to shimmy the sofa through. If the inside space is a narrow hallway, the couch may not fit.
You may also need to remove the door in order to gain some additional room.
Stand the sofa on one end with the bottom, where the feet are, positioned to enter the doorway first. Now angle the sofa so the back and the bottom form a V. If you're behind the sofa, about to push it through the door, you should be looking at the sofa back and part of the bottom. The sofa's seat should be facing inside.
With someone on the inside and someone on the outside, angle the sofa by sliding the seat through the door, letting the sofa curl around the doorway.
If neither of these techniques work, then you can hire a professional to actually dismantle your sofa, move it, then reassemble it inside your home, including reapolstering it. It can be a little pricey, but I think it's completely worth it, especially if the sofa is a piece that you love.

If all the above doesn’t help and everything is still looking dark, here are some other sofa moving tips
Remove the legs if you can.
Measure the sofa and the space before you move.
If you're moving the sofa on a carpeted surface, place cardboard on the floor to make sliding easier.
Remove all the cushions first.
Make sure you have enough hands to help.

Good luck! Your going to need it